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Supreme Meditation Is The Science of Transformation.
Learn Meditation. Master All The Energies of Your Life.

Are you ready for a path, a set of guiding principles and practices that will fulfill you completely, so you can stop wasting time seeking happiness, peace and joy where they are not? Imagine a life free of worry, fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration, unhappiness and anger. Imagine a life where you are able to face every situation and circumstance in your life with unwavering courage and complete content, a life where your faith in your own experience of your divinity makes you completely resilient and free.

Our teachings assert that this is not only possible, it is your right as a human being. Supreme Meditation ® is The Science of Transformation. We offer a time-honored approach to whole life transformation that integrates our Supreme Meditation with the teachings and practices of
Shaivism, a set of guiding principles and practices that is proved to quiet the restless mind while causing the experience of higher and higher states of Consciousness, culminating in the realization of the Self, the highest reality or cause. You do not need to leave your church, mosque, temple or other spiritual affiliation to practice Supreme Meditation.

The foundation for our approach lies in the privilege of being able to study under a living Master, a Siddha whose state of spiritual perfection we can model after. This supports a spiritual journey where students learn how to be in the world without being of the world, how to master all the energies of their lives in such a way that they experience, on a daily basis, that spiritual life and worldly life are not different and not opposed to each other.

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